10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

Here are 10 of the top paying jobs in consumer services that can help you bring home bigger paychecks and offer you more job security than lower-paying positions.


Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are professionals who help investors manage their portfolios, make financial decisions, and generally get a firm grasp on their financial situations. A master’s degree may be required for some positions.


Home Stager

Professional home stagers earn $50,000 or more per year. As a home stager, you help clients sell their homes for a higher price.


Real Estate Agent

In 2010, real estate agents earned an average annual salary of $42,640. The highest-paid earned more than $102,730 and lowest-paid earned less than $24,420.


Personal Assistant

A personal assistant can take on a number of different tasks, from scheduling to data entry. The median pay for personal assistants is $32,000 per year.


Sales Representative

Sales representatives or sales reps are individuals who sell a company’s product. They typically work on commission and earn a percentage of every sale they make.


Personal Shopper

If you’re a people person who loves working with consumers, becoming a personal shopper may be a good fit for you. In fact, salaries for personal shoppers tend to be some of the highest for retail jobs.


Sales Consultant

With a median annual income of $61,520, sales consultants are some of the best paid workers in consumer services.



Telemarketers aren’t well-liked by most consumers, but they can earn as much as $42,000 per year. You also have to work a lot of hours – like 80+ per week!


Buyer's Agent

A buyer’s agent, as opposed to a listing agent, is someone who helps people buy property instead of selling it. Working with a buyer’s agent can help you save money and find hidden deals.


Member services representative

$58,890/year. Must have a strong knowledge of consumer credit and how it works, excellent customer service skills, and strong written and verbal communication skills.