Ways To Greet Without Shaking Hands

10 Ways To Greet Without Shaking Hands To Avoid Coronavirus

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These are the greeting style that you should follow if you are not up to shaking hands to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus.

More the 90,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus, Covid-19 has been labeled as a pandemic.

Next time you meet your friend, make sure you never touch the person to shake hands or hug, instead, try one of these greeting styles rather than shaking hands.

1. A “Hello” is enough

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To greet without any physical contact won’t be wrong though it would be necessary prevention in these prevailing days of virus.

2. Foot shake

foot shake
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A new way of greeting has emerged in accordance to coronavirus. The tapping of feet is already getting popularity within Iran and China.

3. You can also “wave” at each other


We wonder why the waving gesture ended! Waving a person who is standing in front of you is still ok to be performed. It can keep you both safer while you greet each other.

4. Try giving a nod

noding of the head
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The coolest way to greet is by nodding your head in a general direction. If you don’t have it in your routine, try practicing it in front of your mirror. It is very helpful.

5. Try a fist bump

fist pump
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The most classic of all greetings are considered the “fist bump”. You can continue with it as it is the easiest one too. However, pull away from your fist before getting in contact with the skin.

6. Try doing any kind of salute

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You can create a salute of your own kind too. Reveal your creative side with this opportunity.

7. Implement sharing few drops of hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer
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Another unique way to greet is to meet a person by sharing a few drops or squirts of any hand sanitizer.

8. Perform the “virtual” high-five

high five
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This method can give to a complete germ-free protection. It doesn’t involve touching phase in it.

9. Use the peace sign

peace sign
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If you want to follow the above mentioned, you can go with a peace sign. It is most preferable in making goodbyes.

10. Lastly, try hat-tipping!

hat tipping
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Have a hat and try tipping with your hat. It isn’t the most convenient but, is a highly used method to greet.

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