You Might Be Suffering From Any Of These 6 Mental Disorders

You Might Be Suffering From Any Of These 6 Mental Disorders

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It is seriously worrying when you attached to a mental disorder. Mental disorders are not always serious, but they start as a minor thing and if not treated on time, can turn into a complete nightmare.

Here is the list of psychological disorders that people usually don’t think is going to make such a fuss for them, is actually a big thing.

1. Misophonia


This is the condition which makes you angry from any specific sound. This includes chewing, YES! if someone is chewing and you’re getting angry with it, you have Misophonia!

Misophonia is something that increases sensitivity to certain noises for some people and your brain emits negative emotions such as Anger when you hear them.

2. Aboulomania


Aboulomania is the difficulty a person face while making a simple decision. If you face extreme difficulty in choosing a simple product, or anything then you’re suffering from it.

It can turn your mood to bad even if your choice is right, which can be very irritating.

3. Caffeine Induced Anxiety Disorder

Caffeine Induced Anxiety Disorder

Have you been getting anxious at a specific time? if Yes, then time to reduce your coffee and tea intake. Tea and Coffee both contain Caffeine, and it is proven to be a stimulus to induce anxiety.

Without knowing, we binge of coffee and tea, which can create a big hassle for us.

4. Erotomania


Erotomania is something that makes you delusional enough to think that someone is in love with you. If you have seen Money Heist, Berlin makes himself believed that a hostage he has taken is in love with him, that’s what Erotomania is.

5. Autophagia

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Autophagia is a condition when you start eating yourself. This habit starts with Nail Biting, and to fight anxiety you even start ruining your fingers.

And to be noted, nail-biting can also cause cancer in some cases.

6. Taijin Kyofusho

Taijin Kyofusho

This is very common in Japan, but we feel that it is more common all around the world. This condition means that a person will have an intense fear of social interaction. A person suffering from this condition will think of the ways that can go wrong.

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