How To Respectfully Say No To Handshake During Coronavirus

Say No To Handshake Coronavirus
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The handshake can be a dangerous way of greeting these days as it allows transmitting of coronavirus from one person to another.

We all are aware of the general prevention guidelines that are developed regarding the COVID-19. They recommend us to; keep hands clean, do not touch your face, common surfaces like doorknobs should be sanitized and repeatedly wash your hands.

Also, the factor which is highly emphasized is to avoid handshakes! The reason is that we are usually unaware of whether or not the person washes his hand as frequently as you do.

And you might don’t have the chance at the moment to run towards the nearest sink after having the handshake. However, if you just shook your hands before having a meal, you have an excuse to clean your hands somewhere possible. The main question is how to greet a person without shaking hands or hugging him or her?

CNBC has suggested that you can perform foot shaking or elbow bumping in order to greet a person. On the other side, foot shaking in China is named as the Wuhan shake. It is named after the city where the outbreak took place.

foot shaking during covid 19 pandemic

Moreover, fist-bumping is also considered as a decent greeting. According to the reports of Harvard Health Medicine, shaking hands with people doubled the transfer of the bacteria than with the high fives. Also, it was ten times more than fist-bumping.

Lastly, the main question which appears isn’t that what we are supposed to do on behalf of shaking hands with people.

It is how to deal with the people in the professional environment? Nowadays, every next person is observed worried about the widespread of coronavirus.

Therefore, you can easily say and then pull up fist bumps to greet. Or your fist can also be held out. You can also get 10 ways of Greetings you should try.

The main thing is that you must perform all the safe types of greetings with full confidence and a smile!

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