Red Dead Redemption 3 To Release on Xbox Two and PS5 in 2023

red dead redemption 3
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Finally, Red Dead Redemption 3 is releasing!

The second part appeared to be a huge success by Rockstar Games. Throughout the world, the game distributed over 17 million copies. By analyzing the scale of Red Dead Redemption Games, we can say that another installment would take a longer time.

Previously, the creation of the third part of Red Dead Redemption was announced by Take-Two. The recent installment profited above 700M in just a week, predicted to be more than its time to write.

Red Redemption 3 Release Date


Most of the people are concerned about its releasing. This installment would be released after Grand Theft Auto 6 around 2023, which is under development currently. Bully sequel 2 is also said to be under focus and would release in early 2020.

On the basis of information received, Bully 2 won’t be a huge hit in the world of games. According to the latest leak, its casting was started a while back and motion capture in ongoing. Hence, the realistic window for Red Dead Redemption 3 is meant to be 2021-2023.

Spoiler Alert!

The leading character, Arthur Morgan gets to meet his destiny at the end of Red Dead Redemption 2.  It is suspected that he won’t be appearing in the plot of Red Dead Redemption 3 hence a totally new character will be observed.

A similar or unique storyline for Red Dead Redemption 3?

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Being a prequel, the story is pretty well engrossed. However, there are more aspects to be explored in the present storyline. Red Dead Redemption focuses on the ending of the Wild West period.

To be remotely considered as a “western game”, the consequent part of Red Dead Redemption should take place after a few years.

The final release date?

On the basis of our analysis, it will be released on Xbox Scarlett and PS5 near the end of their life span. We are expected to have a sight of 60 FPS and 4K resolution relying on next-generation consoles.

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