Staying Positive During Coronavirus Lockdown

5 Positive Things That Came With Coronavirus Lockdown

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Coronavirus Lockdown: COVID-19 caused many fatalities and the known amount of infections from it is its triple. This pandemic created self-isolation and social distancing factor.

However, despite of the relevant depressing updates, there are also many reasons to have hope.

1. Pollution has reduced by 50%

Significant reduction within the pollution rate could be observed due to the isolation of the locals. Northern Italy and China observed the highest falls in nitrogen dioxide which is a severe air pollutant element. It is because of the reduction of road traveling and industrial procedures. New York researchers stated that reduced carbon monoxide is also noted by 50%

2. Fishes and Dolphins can be seen in Canals

The Venice locals during coronavirus lockdown have also noticed a big improvement in the quality of water present at their popular canals running within the city. The streets which are famous for the tourists, northern Italy, supported the water traffic improvement.

3. People showing kindness

Two New Yorkers managed to gather 1,300 volunteers within 72 hours for delivering medicines and groceries to the vulnerable and elderly citizens present in the city. Australia’s Supermarkets have developed an “elderly hours” system so that the vulnerable and the disabled one could shop in a peaceful time.

4. People are united to fight Coronavirus

Amongst the hectic home and work life, people normally stay disconnected from the rest around them. With this global effect, various communities got united. Southern Spain‘s fitness expert has introduced an exercise session from a low roof within an apartment, which can be joined by the locals from their galleries or balconies.

5. Best time to get Creative

The users of social media also updated the details of their newly developed hobbies; baking, reading, painting, and knitting. People are also having the experience of virtual tours that are being offered by the biggest galleries in the world. They include the popular paintings of the Louvre and Vatican classic sculptures.

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