Researchers Found Plastic Particles In Aquafina, Nestle, and Dasani Bottled Water

Plastic Particles In Aquafina, Dasani And Nestle Water
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A famous news outlet, The Insider, claimed that researchers have conducted the studies which unveiled a shocking fact after they find tiny plastic particles in Aquafina, Dasani and Nestle drinking water.

There are hundreds of tiny plastic particles in the water we drink from Aquafina, Dasani, and Nestle. The same microplastics are found in our contaminated seas and water from the tap.

It means everyone is drinking plastic, another story from the Business Insider suggested that people who drink from bottled water are drinking 80% of the plastic in their lifetime.

Plastic Particles in Aquafina, Dasani and Nestle water

One liter of bottled water from Aquafina, Nestle, and Dasani contains 10.4 plastic particles, the study by Orb Media claimed back in 2018.

It means all the people around the world are consuming about a million plastic bottles in a minute without even knowing the dangers of it. The Guardian, a famous newspaper website also claimed that not just bottled water, the same plastic bits can be found in the swimming pools and they’re untraceable, even out tap water contains the same elements.

It shows that there is no difference between Tap water and these bottled water.

Not just bad for human health, they’re also bad for the planet as well. As most of the bottled water is being supplied in plastic bottles, considering The Guardian’s report that suggested that about a million people consumes bottled water a day, but the question is, how do they plan to discard? one minute means one million, and one hour means 60 million! So how these big companies are going to deal with that?

Nestle has commented that they haven’t found anything in their water to the Traceable Standard. When Insider went for comment, they have refused to make any sort of comment on the report.

So are you going to boycott all these brands? Yes or No? Let us know in the comments box below.

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