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Opera Launches World’s First Gaming Browser, Opera GX

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We all know that Opera is a web browser for the operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux. The Chinese company Opera Software AS developed it.

Recently, Opera launched the world’s first game browser called Opera GX. Opera’s new gaming web browser is now available for download. A few days back, Mozilla Firefox also launched its Premium Brower.

Opera GX is designed for gamers

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This is an ideal web browser that tracks the amount of time you spend playing and watching a broadcast on the Internet. It is for gamers and other users who want to customize the PC experience.

In addition to a range of new features, Opera GX includes all the features of the Opera web browser’s main browser.

In addition, it allows users to set CPU and RAM usage limits through the browser’s built-in panel.

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It allows users to set hard limits on system resources to make things easier. In addition, the browser also displays the amount of CPU and RAM resources currently in use.

Opera GX also offers game offers and news in the Games, Technology and Entertainment categories.

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Opera’s new gaming browser is coming with Twitch integration, which allows users can access their Twitch subscriptions in one place. In addition, it offers ad blocker, free VPN and pop-up access for Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp.

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The new browser also has a range of sounds and lighting effects. By default, Opera’s new game browser uses black and red tones. Download it from Opera’s official website.

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