Online Business to Business Purchases Increased During Lockdown

Business to Business (B2B) is now seeing a great upward on Digital channels. This latest report has been published by Wunderman Thompson Commerce, which took input from 200 B2B experts in the United Kingdom to get more grip about the B2B commerce landscape.

As per the B2B Future Shopper Report 2020, the total number of sales that were made directly from the salespeople has seen a huge 44 percent discount. Meanwhile, the number of online sales made directly from the manufacturer (Business) has gained by 46 percent this year, through digital channels.


Almost 50 percent of the sales were done on Social media channels.

The consumers have switched their focus to buy directly from the business after the lockdown closed a number of shops. As per the report, 18 percent of buyers have changed their suppliers.

Many businesses were forced to shift their businesses online after the coronavirus lockdown, but the firms were too quick to adapt to this rapid changed to go for setting up for online sales directly without a retailer/middleman.

According to the report, may buyers relied on to go to official business websites to purchase their raw materials and other goods for their business use.

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