Cristiano Ronaldo Turning CR7 Hotels Into Hospitals Is A Fake News

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The pandemic COVID-19 has taken its course throughout the whole world. Within the chaos, a statement got viral. It claimed that the famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, planned to change his CR7 hotels into hospitals in order to serve for coronavirus.

It got viral among the social work for coronavirus in which a lot of people around the world are indulged at the moment.


According to the stats, we will have a shortage of hospital beds if this virus increases further if we calculate by simple math. The news of Ronaldo trying to help by converting his property for the coronavirus patients turned out a hoax.

It is known that Cristiano Ronaldo recently announced that he would give up on his CR7 hotels for hospital development purposes. He took this decision when his teammate got diagnosed with the virus too.

Luckily, Cristiano Ronaldo tested NEGATIVE for Coronavirus.

He also delivered his message to his fans via social media. Within which he expressed his emotions for the patients. He also requested everyone to help the needy ones in their surroundings.

He further added that he is thankful that his family members appeared negative in their tests. He also advised his fans to stick by the guidelines shared by WHO.
The 35-year old possess generosity in his personality and helping out the less fortunate is one of his traits of kindness.

Is this a publicity stunt by his haters to undermine him? It is too early to have a decision on it. His kind nature forces his fans to trust this news. There are chances that the news got appeared early whilst managers were still preparing to set down the setup.

Irrespective, there have been a total of 169 confirmed cases of COVID-19 within Portugal in accordance with Forbes. Nevertheless, a patient got recovered and so far, no death is claimed as per the reports.

Cover Photo by Sports Wallah
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