New Zealand Successfully Eliminated Coronavirus From Country

New Zealand Successfully Eliminated Coronavirus Completely From Country
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New Zealand has completely eliminated coronavirus from their country, the daily infections are in single digits, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern is planning to open a business from the upcoming Tuesday to ease the lockdown and to boost the nation’s economy.

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern also said that New Zealand has “Successfully eliminated coronavirus” and “Won” against coronavirus. Also, she is also lifting restrictions placed after the outbreak.

She also told during the press conference that the numbers of coronavirus infections in New Zealand is coming down really fast, and the recovery rate is getting better day by day.

Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand’s director-general of health, told during the media talks that she is certain that New Zealand will be corona free in coming week as the bar of infected persons is coming down, which is good news for the country.

PM of New Zealand also ensures that they will keep their emergency services on high alert, raising the capacity to cater 10,000 calls a day. Their emergency services are on standby, but the Prime Minister ensures that the situation in the country is under control.

Furthermore, New Zealand has also downgraded Covid-19 threat to level 3, which will allow the reopening of the business. This will give a boost to New Zealand’s economy as the businesses will start opening from the upcoming Tuesday.

She also did a Facebook live session from her home and answered the questions about Covid-19. In this session she answered major questions which people had in their minds related to coronavirus pandemic.

As the coronavirus cases are going up all around the world, New Zealand is giving other countries the hope that they can eliminate this if their citizens stay hopeful and take precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus.

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This is for the story ‘NZ eliminating coronavirus’ that’s because there was no such thing as the COVID-19. Using other sicknesses and deaths such as cancer, old age, heart attacks etc as Coronavirus virus statistics. Using this time to pass laws that people would have never agreed to, but are so distracted! Building 5G towers and brainwashing people into thinking its better for connectivity and internet-wise yet hiding the fact that it affects the human body. Slowly taking away people’s rights by allowing strangers to enter peoples homes! If the coronavirus is eliminated why is this law still in place?… Read more »