Inventor of Copy and Paste Larry Tesler Died aged 74

Inventor of Copy and Paste, Larry Tesler Dies aged 74

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Larry Tesler who invented Copy and Paste option, also known as Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V passed away at the age of 74.

The news of his death was announced by Xerox where he spent part of his career.

Larry started working in 1960s at Silicon Valley. He was known for his famous invention of Cut, Copy and Paste commands which are helping us a lot today, and these commands became most used in the computing industry.

Larry Tesler was born in 1945 at Bronx, New York and studied at California in Standford University. After his graduation, he focused on User Interface (UI) design to make computers more user friendly.

Larry worked for a number of big tech giants, starting with PARC (Xeror Palo Alto Research Center) then he went to work for Apple on special request from Steve Jobs and spent working 17 years at Apple as Chief Scientist.

Later, he left apple to work at Amazon and then Yahoo.

The world has moved a lot in the technology field, but the traditional, Cut, Copy and Paste commands remain the same and has been widely used by the people all around the world.

Not just Microsoft, but also Apple incorporated the same commands in their laptops.

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Larry always believed that computer systems should stop the use of “modes”. To be noted, “modes” are the most use term in the software design at that time.

“modes” allows a user to shuffle between the functions on apps and software but made systems both complicated and time-consuming.

Computer History Museum of Silicon Valley stated Larry combined counterculture vision with computer science that ensures that computers are for everyone.

Computer enthusiasts all around the world have been paying the tribute to the computer legend who changed the world of User Interface and computing once and for all.

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