Instagram’s New Error Showing Personal Stories To Strangers

Instagram New Error Showing Personal Stories To Strangers
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Instagram’s new bug is causing chaos on social media as it is showing personal stories to the unknown audience all around the world.

Social media platforms are a great escape from the bitter reality for most of the people. But, this “sweet escape” can also be one’s worst nightmare, as it compromises your privacy.

Most of these social media apps get such errors very frequently, but this time, Instagram came under hot waters after a bug showing many personal stories of Instagram to the strangers. And many people are coming to Twitter to warm people about it and telling Instagram administration which is linked with Facebook to fix it ASAP.

New Instagram bug is ruining your privacy by silently showing your stories to strangers!

This is a privacy breakdown, especially when we think Instagram’s parent organization Facebook, who recently misused the data of users.

A large number of Facebook users quit facebook app due to its’ privacy concerns, as it was silently gathering personal data from mobile phones.

Instagram confirmed that some stories are being shown to the people they do not know. The Company further said that this bug is 50 percent resolved while their engineering team is working on this bug to be solved completely anytime soon.

This is not the first time Instagram encountered such strange bug, previously a dangerous error that made a lot of users lose their followers hit a new low. Whatsapp, which is also a sister concern to Facebook is also following the footsteps of Facebook as it continues to have privacy issues for users all around the world.

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