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Now You Can Tweet Audio Tweets on Twitter – Here is How

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Audio Tweets are live! Twitter, the social media platform, recently announced that the team is testing its audio tweets for the iOS users. This short writing platform would now allow its users to upload audio tweets. At the moment, they are testing this feature on its iOS application. 

Up till now, the users were able to upload a tweet only though, now they can tweet their voice, in accordance with Twitter’s official tweet.

The audio tweets can be created from the composer tab and then opting for a new wavelength icon. On tapping that ion, your profile picture would be visible to you along with the record button, which is located below. Then, audio could be recorded for 140 seconds.

tweeting tweet audio

The Tweeters can also go along with audio threads. If a user reaches the recording limit, another audio recording would automatically take place, developing a thread in the end. After completing a recording, you can click “done” and upload the audio tweet.

Besides, users will only be allowed to develop audio for the original tweets only, not the retweets with the comment, as stated by Twitter.

Moreover, the profile pictures would appear along with every posted audio tweet. Twitter added that the present profile picture would be preserved as a static picture of our audio attachments. Also, it won’t refresh if we update our profile picture.

The users can observe the voice tweets on their timeline with the other tweets. You can listen to other’s tweets by tapping on their picture and playback would start then. The Verge stated that this feature would appear very helpful for those users who possess medical problems.

At the moment, this feature is only available to a few iOS models. But, Twitter said that it would soon roll it out to every iOS user within a few weeks.

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