Handicap Careem Driver From Pakistan Is An Inspiration For All

Handicap Careem Driver From Pakistan Is An Inspiration For All

Yesterday I booked a Careem for Bahadurabad and a Captain showed up just like a usual day but with one difference, he was handicapped with a missing leg but was somehow driving the car better than any average driver present in the streets of Karachi.

handicap careem drive pakistan

However, the car heated up in the middle of the ride and we didn’t have water to cool it down so he told me to wait for a few minutes while he fetches a bottle of water nearby. Although, I strongly urged to lend him a helping hand but his self-sufficient attitude just didn’t allow it. He managed to gather some water but unfortunately couldn’t cool the car down so he asked me to cancel the ride and book for a new one.

handicap careem drive pakistan 2

While there are beggars, burglars, and pickpockets on the street with an excuse for being workless and unemployed despite being completely healthy and commonly suggesting that they have no other option besides this, there are determined people like Yousuf Iqbal who consider their deprivation as their biggest strengths and prefer Halal earning above all.

Not all heroes wear capes. SALUTE!!! 🙌🏻

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