Major Differences and Qualities of the Oldest, Middle and Youngest Child

Differences Qualities of the Oldest Middle Youngest Child
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Did you know there are different qualities according to the birth order in the oldest, middle, youngest and only child?

We all are aware of the facts that were posted in recent days on social media platforms about our birth order. Some people believe that they are just stereotypes while others say that these facts are for real.

Basically, a theory of birth order was developed in the late 1920s by Alfred Adler. He stated that our birth order impacts our personality, inherently.

The Eldest Child

The eldest or the first born is a power-oriented, conservative and is persuaded towards leadership. It is due to the fact that they usually look after their younger siblings. Thus, they are caring and have high probability to take the initiative.

The Middle Child

The middle child or the second among the siblings often finds it difficult to excel their elder sibling. However, their speed of development is towering. These children are ambitious and are rarely observed to be selfish too.

They more often develop unrealistically bigger self-goals. This trait causes them or increases their chances of failures yet, coping with these hard times helps them in getting stronger.

The Youngest Child

The youngest of all or the last born sibling usually gets a lot of attention and care from their elder siblings and parents. They are also highly motivated when it comes to exceeding their older siblings.

In the majority of cases, they make up to achieve bigger success and recognition in their path of field or career. The youngest child of a family is highly social yet are also highly frivolous and irresponsible than the elder ones.

The Single Child

The single child doesn’t have any siblings to compete with so he or she often competes with their father. Being the only one, such children are highly pampered by their parents. This factor makes them expect the same behavior from every other person in their life. They are self-centered and a lot of such babies often turn out becoming a perfectionist.

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