Bang Bang Con by BTS Breaks Record After Reaching 50.6 Million Total Views

Bang Bang Con by BTS
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This weekend, BTS created their virtual series “Bang Bang Con” giving their fans an engagement opportunity following the social distancing period.

This event streamed for 24 hours and gave the fans an opportunity to get pleased with the previously held BTS concerts and other entertainments to enjoy from their houses. Big Hit entertainment revealed the main stats on the top of the contact event.

Their virtual concert made it achieve 50.59 million views in total. And when discussing the peak of their audience, about 2.24 million were noted. Their fans and the whole audience had interacted socially too which led to the usage of 6.46 million hashtags on the social platforms; Twitter and WeVerse. The Big Hit Entertainment also used a technology concerning the light sticks.

That technology managed to change the color of the sticks depending on the audio signals of the video when connected with bluetooth. It was managed so efficiently that when the fans got connected through the WeVerse platform, they felt that they were physically gathered in a place and were cheering together.

These details were received regarding the Bang Bang Con entertainment part based on the experiences of the audiences.

The audiences made it to connect 500,000 light sticks all over from 162 various regions.

Their convention of two days included their performances back from the previous six years, known as;

  • 2016 BTS Live (Most Beautiful Moment In The On Stage Life: Epilogue)
  • BTS 3rd Muster (ARMY.ZIP+)
  • BTS 2014 Live Trilogy: Episode 2 The Red Bullet (Memories of 2014)2015 BTS Live (Most Beautiful Moment In The On Stage Life)
  • 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode 3 The Wings Tour The Final (Memories of 2017)
  • 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode 3 The Wings Tour In Seoul
  • BTS World Tour “Love Yourself” Seoul and lastly,
  • BTS 4th Muster (Happy Ever After)
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