Apple Macbook Pro Banned On Flights Because Of Battery Issue

Apple Macbook Pro Banned On Flights
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The US civil aviation regulator has indicated that the Apple MacBook Pro banned on flights and has been recalled for the sake of battery will not be accepted on flights.

Recently, Apple has decided to recall several 15-inch MacBook Pro products produced between 2015 and 2017 because of a problem of overheating due to the battery. Affected users could then benefit from a change of the battery in an Apple Store or an Apple Certified Center.

The reason why Apple Macbook Pro banned on flights

To avoid any risk, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – the body responsible for civil aviation regulations in the United States – reminded that any aircraft with a lithium battery recalled was prohibited in aircraft airlines.

The FAA is aware of the recalled batteries that are used in some Apple MacBook Pro laptops. At the beginning of July, we alerted the airlines of the recall and we informed the public. We have issued instructions to continue following the recall instructions outlined in the FAA Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) 16011 of 2016 […]

In other words, this is a routine procedure that is reminiscent of the restrictions that were imposed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in time.

Questions arise

The concern is that it will not be easy for regulators to know in just a glance what is the 15-inch MacBook Pro concerned with these battery replacements. Bloomberg writes ” it is unclear what efforts will be made, if any, in US airports .” Apparently, oral announcements will be made at the gate and before takeoff.

As the Verge advance, we may think that security officials will learn about the serial numbers involved in battery replacements to detect the MacBook Pro to ban, but it seems difficult to implement. In any case, take the necessary precautions if you want to go to the United States.

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