Apple AirPods Can Cause Cancer, 250 Scientists Approved – BBC

Apple AirPods Can Cause Cancer 250 Scientists Approved BBC
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Apple AirPods can cause you cancer, as 250 Scientists accepted the fact that using AirPods can pose you to a higher risk of cancer.

Apple AirPods is one of the top selling brands in the world.

250 scientists belonging to 40 countries around the world have initiated a petition with the WHO (World Health Organization) and the UN (United Nations) to warn people about the lethal disadvantages of radiation.

As per the research conducted by the scientists, Apple AirPods can “Expose you to Cancer Risks“. This happens because the Pods emits radiofrequency radiations which we use in our WiFi devices, mobile data, and Bluetooth. Furthermore, the ear canal is very sensitive and is easily exposed to the dangerous radiations.

The jury of Apple is still inquiring about the Device can cause cancer or not but the decision has been made that these pods are highly harmful to your body.

Only in 2018 Apple sold at least 28 million pairs of Air-Pods. And in 2017, it sold 16 million in total. Users are loving the design and the Music but it is harming their body to a greater extent.

High amounts of radiations can cause;

Exposure to the rediation of as low as 30 can cause;

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Loss of white blood cells.
  • Headaches.

Exposure to the radiation of as high as 300 can cause;

The various institutes are benchmarking safely standard has completed failed to implement better guidelines to protect the general public, especially children who are more exposed to such dangerous thing and by not taking care of such measures, WHO is compromising the lives of millions of people around the world.

Scientists report admitted.

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Aalif Hassan

I wonder why it’s only mentioning Apple AirPods. The new Samsung Earbuds is not mentioned. Cause both Airpds and Earbuds has same functions. It’s really sad only a certain Brand is mentioned.
Just my view of point. Peace ✌🏼

Akber M Khan

Very well point highlighted


Was also wondering this and been trying to find data on its difference with other Bluetooth products. Apple Airpods have a SAR of 0.466 watts per kilogram and the Limit set for the United States of America is 1.6 watts/kg and for the EU its 2 watts/kg. So if this is really cancerous then the set limits are faulty?

Jarrod Knisley

That’s because:

A. Airpods use actual RF signals in their Airpods (I don’t remember why). This is not tying to the Bluetooth it has, but moreso the second frequency it carries.
B. The Galaxy Buds aren’t even out yet. They might have such a similar fate, but tagging the Galaxy Buds as if they have been out for as long as the Airpods is s bit tacky.

I understand if you feel personally attacked for whatever reason, but this is supposed to be an objective article, not a “why not this one too?” Debate.

Cobra Kai

Apple products have higher radiation compared to Samsung. Look it up.


Doesn’t this mean all Bluetooth headphones cause cancer?? Not just AirPods..


Is there anything that doesn’t cause cancer now adays?

karen medcoff

My son has bluetooth enabled hearing aids. should I be worried?


Good question Karen. You should be able to look up the SAR (specific absorption rate) for the particular brand/model of hearing aids. The lower the better. Look up your cell phone model’s SAR for a comparison.


But then why are they not stopping them from manufacturing those AirPods it doesn’t make sense if a product is harmful to the society what is the gorverment and the department of health doing about the situation.
And I believe that every manufacturer who manufactured the earbuds for sound they use the same functions as AirPods or aren’t they.


The same Reason they have not stopped Cellphone which are much worse and 5G that is expected to cause all kinds of problems. I refused to get a new Iphone without a headphone jack as I already knew this was n ot good.


It’s because the greedy government would lose to much money if they got taken off sale


could be a class action law suit down the road


This article is very beautifully crafted. Also, if what is suggested is true, one could deduce that WiFi, BlueTooth and any other earbuds which are similar would have the same affect.

Ferdi De Rivera

Why? Is it because of …………..
“Only in 2018 Apple sold at least 28 million pairs of Air-Pods. And in 2017, it sold 16 million in total.”
or product selling strategy by others


It seems to me as some kind of promotional activity by apple